“I thank God for the gift He has given me, a love that’s strong for all of eternity. I give to you all of my days, with a love for all of your ways.” These are two lines from a wedding song that I happened to stumble across online. The mere mention of the word eternity denotes what marriages should be – a promise of forever. Sadly, a growing number of married couples still end up getting divorced or separated. That’s probably the reason why some couples decide to buy cheap wedding rings rather than invest money on exorbitantly priced ones. Actually, these inexpensive rings are not necessarily inferior in quality and neither are these rings rip-offs.

cheap wedding rings
Pairs of rings at the Vienna Bridal Fair '12

These rings are considered cheap because you can already get several pieces for the usual price of one. This is the perfect alternative for couples who want beautiful and affordable wedding rings. Never forget that at the end of the day, the price of the rings won’t really matter. Rather, it’s what these rings symbolize that would be significant.

Admittedly, weddings could demand a lot of things and though a couple going to a jewelry store is the best way to find the perfect rings but hey…Nowadays rings can be bought online too, for example from the website My Trio Rings. Couples can scout from a detailed list of wedding rings, trio wedding rings, ladies and mens’ wedding bands with photos and information about the pieces. Rings are strategically categorized for easy browsing and it is noticeable how the prices are cheaper than the usual store prices.