(Wedding tables at the reception of my brother’s wedding)


A wedding, simply put is a ceremony that marks the union of two people in love. Simple? No, wedding these days have evolved not just from a glamorous event but to an expensive display of wealth. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings and I enjoy taking wedding photographs. 😉 Like Kevin Doyle (not the footballer but the leading guy in the movie 27 Dresses played by James Marsden), I think that there’s too much commercialism in it…well, which occasion doesn’t?

I agree though with Jane Nichol’s (Katherine Heigl in the same movie) view of  weddings as sacred…I like garden and beach weddings at best (you probably know now I really enjoyed that movie). I enjoy viewing wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and I find it amazing how every detail is defined.

When I was still single, some friends and I would arrange for making souvenirs, designing bouquets and picking out the most appropriate wedding decorations for other friends or friends’ friends who will tie the knot. Sort of wedding planners but not really professionals. (lol)

For my brother’s wedding I’ve signed myself as a secondary photographer, brother-in-law being the official one. I was really awed seeing the minute details in it like wedding favours, the wedding cake topper, baskets, candles, personalized napkins and those really nice place card holders.

The grandeur, the atmosphere in wedding ceremonies and the gathering after is something that I’ll enjoy having. It’s wonderful to share the love that  two people share and swore upon before God…Whenever possible, I allow myself to get lost in the beauty and magic that weddings bring for hopeful romantics like me.