“Moissanite was first discovered over 100 years ago by a Nobel Prize winning scientist named by Dr. Henri Moissan. During a scientific expedition to a meteor landing site in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, Dr. Moissan discovered trace amounts of a beautiful gemstone made of silicon carbide that was eventually named after him – Moissanite. The gemstone has not been discovered anywhere else on earth and occurs in such small amounts in nature that it is impossible to use for commercial jewelry production.

Fortunately, some 100 years after Dr. Moissan’s initial discovery, the scientists at Charles & Covard patented a way to re-create moissanite. Through the merging of science and nature, lab diamonds called moissanite are now being turned into stunning jewelry by master jewelers around the world. Unlike other diamond simulants, moissanite is not made of glass, plastic, or some other completely man-made material. Moissanite is its own natural gemstone that is being re-created as a lab diamond.


They feature completely unique properties that make it one of the most beautiful and unique gemstones on earth. It has more fiery brilliance than a diamond (or any other gemstone on earth) due to its high refractive index. It is also extremely hard, making it incredibly scratch and chip resistant. This colorless diamond simulant will outshine every other gemstone in any room in the world it is simply that breathtaking. Moissanite is now being turned into fine jewelry by the master jewelers at Charles & Covard. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the moissanite collection:

Moissanite rings are absolutely breathtaking. Available in an array of different cuts and styles, you are sure to find the perfect piece for you or your loved one.


A pendant featuring a moissanite gemstone will light up absolutely any occasion. The woman wearing this gorgeous necklace will glow with the knowledge that she is out-shining every other woman in the room.

Earrings are the perfect gift for absolutely any occasion. Moissanite earrings make that occasion even more special. Visit www.moissanite.com to view the entire collection of moissanite fine jewelry. You will be blown away by the craftsmanship and attention to detail of every single piece of jewelry. Your friends and loved ones will gawk over the beauty of your new jewelry.