I’ve been sporting dangling earrings as long as I can remember. It’s because my face is more on the round that I had to balance it out. Sometimes I wear drop earrings embellished with gems though my favorites are bohemian earrings. But that wasn’t the case when I was younger – at that time when my mom is into jewelry she would choose stud earrings with my birthstone in it, it’s ruby. I’m not a fan of ruby so I had to go most of the time without any ear accessory at all.

oasap freeI however became an OASAP fashion hunter recently and if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a global online store offering women’s apparel not limited to dresses, skirts, tops…They also offer shoes, bags, jeans, swimwear, lingerie, accessories and did I already mention, shoes?

As a fashion hunter, I’m eligible to get free products priced according to the statistics of my fashion page — this blog.

oasap earrings
This cute pair is available in purple too!

It was not easy choosing what to spend on since I love shoes and dresses. I decided to wait for some more months before getting me shoes…I was browsing the pages a lot and opted for this jewel embellished heart shaped earrings. Reminds me so much of my mom and Swarovski earrings which I often swoon over.

simple stud

Anyway I really love this pair. It’s perfect when I have an updo instead of my usual wash and wear hair…also good to use on any occasion as they go well with any outfit. Given that this pair is in silver complements most colors. You’d definitely be seeing this often worn.

If by any chance you’re a fashion blogger or enthusiast, join OASAP as a fashion hunter too and get free, great items. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as shoes, dresses and fashion in general makes you tick, they will send your items for free. You can use your fashion blog, lookbook or chictopia account to show off your loot!

Sign up here and help me earn 8$ too!

It takes very little waiting time on your part for them to reply if you’d get accepted.

In the meantime you can like their facebook page or follow them on twitter or pinterest for updates.

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silver jewel earrings
beauty shot 🙂