karabiner gglGGL stands for George, Gina, Lucy. It is a line of handbags created by Germany-based designers Nicholas Neuhaus, his wife Nicole Bailly, and their common friend Oliver Bruno sometime in 2004.

I’ve always wanted to get me one. I really like the messenger feature, the belt is removable so it doubles as a shoulder bag or a handbag depending on the handle’s length. So I did order one online just to save a few bucks (they tend to be 100€ up).  I opted for the Little Sushi, I didn’t specifically looked at the details and knowing that GGL gives playful names to each of their bag designs I thought it’s just a name…I was suprised that the bag was really little for me. I ordered one in light blue but as mentioned, it was too small  so I gave it to my daughter instead.

What makes GGL bags unique are the signature clasps, multiple pockets, rings and rivets and chunky zippers….the colors that simply defines individuality. There are the common colors red, white black but have you ever heard of volcano dust, more coffee, less coffee, King Kong, saffron risotto or doggy style? Indeed unique and unknown before. Each bag also has a unique name which you can find stitched inside along with a manual on how to take care of your bag. No, not to clean it but to speak with it, dance before it and never leave it alone in the dark. 🙂

GGL bags are made of  vinyl, polyester, cotton, high-quality leather, as well as with combinations of various materials.


GGL Little Sushi for the little miss
  • This bag is named: Little Sushi
  • Super robust design, suitable for any purpose and in any weather
  • Extra strong, adjustable and removable shoulder belt
  • High Quality Zippers
  • Various interior and side pockets
  • Bag Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 10 cm
  • Price Range: 125€ – 180$