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Putting Bargain Prices on Brand Name Clothing

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bargain prices brand name

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There are many phrases that are repeated so often that it can be easy to ignore or dismiss them. However, there is some truth in many of these sayings: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Don’t switch horses midstream. You get what you pay for. You may have heard these words of wisdom over and over again, but they are often repeated because of the truths that they express. When it comes to buying clothing, it is true that you get what you pay for. So if you must stick carefully to a budget is it possible to find cheap name brand clothes?

Why Shop for Brand Names

First of all, it is important to understand why it’s so important to buy brand name. After all, why not just buy the cheaper stuff? There are several good reasons to stick with the brand name stuff:

  • Better Quality: Brand name items are usually made from superior materials. This means that the garment will hold its shape longer and the color of the fabric will remain much longer than on generic labels.
  • Expert Fit: It is natural to pay more for clothing that fits better. Any customization will cost a bit more.
  • Image: People are often willing to pay more for the name on the clothing. You may have some special pieces in your closet with brand names displayed prominently.
  • Unique and Trendy: It is cheaper for the manufacturer to roll out several copies of the same design than it is to come up with one new design after another. When you pay for more expensive brand names, you can feel more confident that you won’t show up at an event in the same outfit as your friends.

Identify the Items that Should be Brand Name

Next, determine which pieces are worth buying in brand name. You may be just as happy with several no-name pieces if you have a few fantastic brand name items. Even as you look for great bargains, it will be helpful for you to stay focused on the quality of the clothing you are searching for.

Know Where to Look

The Internet is a great place to find bargain items of clothing. In order to find them, you’ll need a good combination of search terms. Mix together words like “bargain” and “discount” with the specific brand that you’d like to purchase. There are some great online stores that offer discounted brand name clothing from different manufacturers. Sometimes those items are leftover from holiday sales or have become overstocked. They may also be clothing that has been cleared out when new seasons bring new merchandise.

How to Stay Informed

When you find an online store that offers the brand name items that you prefer, sign up for their email promotions, follow their social media blurbs, and bookmark their blog. You may find that you have access to sales and promotions that can bring the already discounted prices down even further.

Shop During Bargain Seasons

Finally, make sure that you know when the best times to shop take place. These are typically the times when one season changes to another and right after holidays. These are the times when manufacturers are most likely to clear out their old inventory. That means low prices for bargain hunters.

Swarovski Installation


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Simple Rules for Evening Wear

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Michelle Williams in a mustard gown

Whether you’re headed out for a work Christmas party or for a summer barbecue, the event should always help to determine your outfit. The rules of dressing for the evening are much different than dressing for a day at the office or a day at the park with friends. Rather than making a fool of yourself when you show up to a black-tie event in jeans and a T-shirt, follow these simple rules for dressing for evening events.

Picking Your Shoes

It’s best to opt for a single sole pump for every evening event. Try hard to avoid platform shoes. This rule is especially important if your skirt hits above the knee.

Before choosing a pair of shoes, keep in mind the length of time you will be wearing them. While those six inch stilettos may look great, they are unrealistic if you plan to be on your feet for a long period of time. If you aren’t used to heels, keep your heel height at a two inch maximum. Before your evening out, spend some time walking in the shoes you plan to wear to ensure that you are prepared for an entire evening in them.

Choosing a Color and Length

Your closet staples should include navy, black, and red as your go-to colors. If you want to shake things up a little and go for something less classic and a little more daring, pick up something in a jewel tone. Add a jewel toned scarf or evening clutch bags to a classic, neutral piece to spice things up and stay in your comfort zone.

When choosing a dress, the length of your skirt has a lot to do with how you present yourself. Remember that the shorter your dress is, the higher the neckline should be. Avoid embarrassing situations with a dress that is the appropriate length.

Blend Day and Evening Wear

When done right, blending your day and evening wear can make you look especially chic. Try knitwear for the evening to keep things casual even as you dress them up. Add a knit top to a statement skirt for added contrast.

Work Around Your Jewelry

If you want to make a statement with a piece of jewelry, start there and design your outfit around that piece. Keep one bold piece of jewelry, but make sure your other pieces are more subtle. If you plan to wear your hair up or your dress has a higher neckline, it may be a good idea to choose statement earrings. If you choose to make a statement with your earrings, keep your necklace and bracelets subtle.

Avoid Experiments

If you’re getting ready for a night out on the town, and you have the perfect outfit picked out, now is not the time to experiment with your hair and makeup. You risk looking like a clown if things don’t work out right, or running out of time if you are forced to redo your entire look. Keep it simple and subtle, and stick to things you can plan beforehand to make your statement.

Make a Statement With Comfort

Done right, you evening out can be comfortable and stylish. Stick with pieces you know you feel good in, and give yourself enough time to plan and primp.


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Don’t Go to Urban Outfitters for Your Work Casuals… or Even Weekend Ensembles Anymore

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urban outfitters

What was once a Mecca for teen and young adult women and men to find quirky and work-appropriate clothing is now tumbling down. Urban Outfitters’ styles used to be quite the clothing of choice, especially for young adults. Now, according to CBS News, Urban still hasn’t found its niche in the fashion world.

One of the main reasons this has happened is that other companies have found their grooves between affordability, trends, and clothing replenishment. Forever 21, popular clothing store for teens, is one place that keeps their garment selection affordable, fresh, and always up-to-date in the fashion world. Teens and young adult women entering the work world for the first time can poke around and almost always find something that they like, or something that is trending.

Urban Outfitters has most certainly had the reputation for having stylish and super progressive clothing options, however pricey. It’s always an investment to shop at Urban, with their cute skinny jeans starting around $55. Though the quality is quite solid and clothing from Urban Outfitters tends to outlast clothing bought from Forever 21, young professionals aren’t really considering longevity as much as affordability or a cause. It’s much easier to justify purchasing fifteen items for $100 at Forever 21 than one item for $100 from Urban Outfitters. Even purchasing slightly more expensive items that are recycled, or that give back in some way offer more incentive than something for the same price that doesn’t give back in any capacity.

Another reason why Urban Outfitters sort of fell off the fashion grid is because while it can be stylish, the clothing styles can become outdated pretty rapidly. Styles and trends are always changing in the fashion realm and places like Forever 21 and H & M are two places that really cater to these changing trends. They refresh the clothing in their stores often enough, and keep their prices low enough to keep customers coming back for more. Typically young adults feel like they aren’t losing much if they buy from Forever 21 or H & M because of the low price. If the style changes quickly, they won’t have lost too much money.

One of the suggestions to Urban Outfitters to better their business is to stop trying to cater to the younger crowd and perhaps turn their attention toward the mid twenty-somethings and older. The reason being, the older crowds tend to have much more disposable income and can afford to lose more than those younger Millennials barely old enough to drink can. Younger workers typically have a lower income that limits them from being able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.

Urban Outfitters will likely have to cut prices to get rid of excess clothing that has had a hard time selling. Since sales have decreased over the past five quarters for them, it would be a wise decision for Urban to consider changing a few factors about their approach to selling clothing. If it’s too difficult to lower prices too much, they should definitely consider aiming at a different demographic and see if sales increase at all. Until they do, it’s likely their sales will not be on the up and up, and the Forever 21s of the merchandizing world will continue to dominate the retail clothing scene.


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The Running Shoe

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The Running Shoe - Designed to go the distance
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Buying Wigs Online

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They say that your hair is your crowning glory.  Even if you had the most awesome Harvey Nichols top on, you wouldn’t look as stunning if you hair resembled that of a hedgehog.  Lovely locks pretty much dictate whether or not you look good or are better off locking yourself up in your house for the entire day.


But for one reason or another, we sometimes have no time to have our hair done at a salon, or would like to quickly change our hairstyle without having to get stuck with a lousy perm.  In this case, wigs or hair extensions are the solution.
hair extensions

Who can tell? Cheryl Cole image via http://www.markglenn.com/

If you’re one of those busy women who want a new hairstyle for a special occasion, you might be interested in purchasing hair extensions or wigs for women from an online retailer. Adding a hair extension or putting on a wig can change a hairstyle in a short amount of time. This means you don’t have to be stuck sitting on that salon chair, listening to endless chatter from your stylist.


There’s a plethora of wigs and hair extensions online.  They come in every imaginable color and style.
The ponytail is one such hair extension which you can buy online. You can choose to wear it either high or low. If you happen to have short hair, you’d probably look best getting a 16-inch hair extension with loose waves, as this gives hair a longer and fuller appearance.
If you’re looking for something a bit sexier, you can opt to get a wig with layers or curls.  They fall just below the shoulder, and come with a seductive fringe and or tapered layers.
You can even jazz up your hair with matching hair accessories which include braid headbands and hair wraps. Wig care products are also sold online.  These include wig stands, combs and styling brushes. You can also buy wig caps to keep your hair securely hidden under your wig.


So the next time you find yourself having a bad hair day, try buying a wig online.  With the endless hairstyle possibilities wigs can offer you, you’re sure to find one which suits you.   It’s so easy you wouldn’t have to pull your hair out from any stress at all.


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Convenient Online Shopping For Jewelry

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Shopping for jewelry is much more convenient when done online. The internet makes it easy to find specific pieces of jewelry that simply may not be available at local brick and mortar stores. In fact, precious metals and stones are available for sale at online stores. Such shops have official certifications that guarantee the authenticity of different expensive pieces of jewelry that can cost in the thousands. Shoppers can also buy more affordable jewelry such as pieces featuring pearls.

A pearl is not exactly considered a precious metal as it is made of organic material that is derived from marine wildlife creatures known as mollusca. In fact, pearls are the former shells of these aquatic animals that swim at the depths of the seas. Therefore, pearl jewelry can vary widely depending on its origins. Different oceans and seas yield variations in pearls.

Pearls are available in a myriad of various shades that usually fall into light and dark spectra. The lightest pearls have a pure white color while other pearls can be pitch dark. The variations in color are comparable to the different textures of precious gemstones such as diamonds and birthstones. Finding out about the Pearl Source is an example of exploring online jewelry stores that sell pearls.

pearlsPearl jewelry is often combined with other materials such as gold and sterling silver settings. For example, a bracelet can have dozens of pearl beads that are set on a thin wire covered with 14K gold or 99.99 percent sterling silver. A black pearl necklace is an example of a piece that is made of exotic shell components. Pearl necklaces can also be composed of different colored ones, just like pictured here.

Pearl beads also vary widely in luster, also known as reflective properties. In general, pearls are not studied under the microscope for quality evaluation. The naked eye can provide a fair evaluation of pearl beads. In other words, there isn’t any hidden structure within a pearl that needs to be further examined.

Some exotic pearls may even have golden textures that resemble high quality gold material. A simple scratch and chemical test can easily confirm whether a piece is made of real jewelry or not. Therefore, golden pearls are rarely combined together with gold settings. Pearl beads are traditionally used for the jewelry of girls and women. Men’s jewelry rarely integrates pearls into a design. Only dark colored pearl beads may sometimes be used with other masculine metal alloys in men’s jewelry design.


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How to Rock Shorts this ‘Cool’ Season

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Fickle-minded – appropriately, this is how the weather is to a woman deciding what to wear – in winter. Winter, it has been an odd one lately, with hints of spring already although it’s still 2 weeks to go. Well, it’s but natural to feel as though you’d want to get out of those layered clothing and into the sun. And what piece of wardrobe would best represent summer but shorts. So to get a feel of better days ahead, take out those shorts stacked behind the closet and show off some legs even in this “cool” season.

1. Corduroys. Get boyish, ox-blood corduroy shorts then pair with ankle-boots or your good ol’ DMs, a knitted top or marled sweater and you’re good to go. Throw in a pair of sheer stockings to not chill while walking out. My trick, I wear double stockings when I feel like the wind would be gushing that day.

2. Denims. They are one of 2013′s in thing, cut offs are particularly the trend. Pair off with a checkered shirt, tights and boots for that girly look.

3. Leather. Need I say more? How about getting up with sheer stockings, overknee boots and chiffon top perhaps? It’s edgy and girly at the same time, it’s all about mix and match to pull off this look.

4.Tweed. Being thick as a material, tweed are best to choose when the weather gets much colder than usual – that is if you opt not to wear pants. ^_^ A tight shirt, belt, tights and a pair of heels or mary jane platforms if you may to get that dapper look.

5. Plaid. Plaid suits are adorable, or any short suits for that matter. I’d go for  plaid shorts and a long matching jacket or a plain trenchcoat. This look goes well with heels but flat ankle boots or overknee boots would give you that fierce factor statement.

Consider mix-matching scarves, gloves and other accessories that will keep you warm when it’s below zero. Or not… coz remember, we sometimes need to sacrifice a bit of what we call comfort for the sake of fashion, here it calls that we let a bit of the cold seep through our skin. What do you think?

heels or boots, your call

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What To Look For In A Backpack

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Gone are the days when your mom could buy you a Superman backpack and be done with it. As an adult, you’ll need to keep a few more things in mind. Here are five tips for finding the right backpack for your lifestyle.

When shopping for a backpack, one of the first things to contemplate is size. How big does it need to be? How large can it get before it becomes too cumbersome to carry comfortably? Will your laptop fit in the main compartment with the same ease as your phone in the front?

Storage is another necessity, so don’t buy anything without enough pockets, pouches and zippers to get you through the day. You won’t want to compromise when it comes to organization; that way lies chaos.


The material of your chosen backpack will affect everything from its weatherproofing to its damage resistivity. Leather backpacks are the strongest, but well-made cordura and rip-stop nylon will also serve.

Straps are what separate backpacks from messenger bags and canvas bags, yet many buyers don’t even consider them before it’s too late. How wide are the straps of your backpack? How do they fit on your shoulders? How do they distribute the weight of your belongings?

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to choose a backpack that pleases the eye. Just don’t get so wrapped up in choosing something pretty that you forget about function and propriety. A vibrant blue backpack may be nice for college, but how will it look at a job interview when it’s doubling as a laptop carrier?


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Jewelry Guide: Pearl earrings

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Pearl earrings are a timeless and classical choice in jewelry, and whether given as a gift or purchased for individual enjoyment, they are sure to be treasured and worn with pride. Earrings have the ability to completely transform a woman’s appearance and as a result, her confidence as well, and pearls in particular are a rather versatile choice, as they can be worn either casually or formally. And on a practical note, pearls do not necessarily cost a small fortune, so even the most frugal shopper can find a pair of pearl-based earrings that won’t exceed a budget.

When shopping for earrings, you can start your search for the right pair by window shopping online. Pick a reputable jeweler such as National Pearl, and be sure to browse their entire selection. You’ll want to view all available options so you know what types of earrings are available, what to look for when choosing the right pair for yourself, and how much you can expect to spend on a desired pair.

Consider size of earrings first and foremost. Women with smaller facial features and bone structures should consider smaller sizes of earrings, while women with average or above average facial features would find a larger style of earring, such as dangling or tear drop, to be more complementing. If you’re purchasing a pair of pearl-based earrings as a gift for a woman, and you’re not certain as to what her personal style is, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of stud earrings.

One of the best parts of choosing jewelry with stones in them is deciding on the color or colors you’d like to be included. Some earrings may have just one shade of pearls, while others may have multiple shades. Pearls are generally available in light or neutral shades, but black pearls are also a very fashion-forward choice, and can look striking when paired with certain types of metals.

Ultimately, choosing a pair of beautiful earrings can take a bit of time, but the research involved can be fun, since it gives you an opportunity to explore jewelry options that you may not have otherwise considered.


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Picking Jewelry for Her

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Whether there’s a special occasion to commemorate or just when you want to surprise a woman with a beautiful piece of jewelry, the first thing you should know is that there is no one correct way to do so. Jewelry is the perfect anytime gift, and you shouldn’t worry about buying the wrong piece. While it’s true that most women prefer silver over gold (for example) or gems (diamonds are touted as being a girl’s best friend, but many girls also like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires), so long as you take the time to pick a beautiful piece of jewelry, you can’t go wrong. It’s the thought that counts, after all.


Still there are some things you’ll want to take into consideration as you are browsing SerendipityDesignerJewelry.com, such as:

Gems: Natural or Synthetic? Natural gems may be your immediate preference, but keep in mind that naturally mined gems and precious metals are more expensive due to the time and effort involved with retrieving them. Also, natural gems may not have the bright colors or perfect cut that their lab-created counterparts do. Don’t overlook “synthetic” gems and metals. They’re just as real as the authentic ones. The big difference is that because they are grown in a scientific setting, their sizes, cuts, colors, and clarity can be better regulated and more defined.

The Cut of a Gemstone. Naturally found gems are actually rather rough and unappealing. It’s only after they have been harvested, cut, and polished, that their true beauty begins to shine through. If you’ve ever set foot in a jewelry store you have undoubtedly noticed that gems may have different cuts. Most gems are cut by a precise strike being hit between the crystal layers, which causes that section to break away cleanly. Multiple cuts of different sizes and angles are used to create different resulting shapes and designs not limited to square, round, triangle, rose, baguette, trilliant, and marquise.

Settings. Gems can be set into precious metals in many different fashions. Common settings include prong or shared prong settings, where tiny prongs extend upwards from the base of the ring or earring to hold the gem in place. Prong settings are most common in jewelry settings. But you will also find pave settings, in which gems lay flat and are placed very close together; as well as fancier settings, such as solitaire and bezel settings.

Deciding what type of gem, what cut of gem, and what setting of gem is only half the battle when it comes to purchasing jewelry as gift. You’ll also need to decide between a ring, a pair of earrings, a brooch, a necklace, or a bracelet. Of course, if you really want to give a memorable gift, feel free to choose more than one of the above.


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