Every woman seems complain about her hair. Straight-haired women wish to have luscious curls while curly-haired ones do everything they can to tame their mane and make their crowning glory straight. Whatever hair type a woman has, growing it long, shiny and silky always takes effort and pride. But when summer comes around, everyone tries to find a way to keep their hair up and out of the way. This is especially true for those fancy summer evening parties, soirees and chill out nights down town. The best way to deal with your long hair during these hot summer evenings is to find a sweet summer updo that will not only flatter the shape of your face, but your hair type and outfit as well.

hair bun
on Christina Applegate

The Textured Coif

Curly-haired ladies can stop fighting with their unruly curls with this great updo. Summer humidity can truly cause chaos to curly hair, but with several bobby pins you can put everything up or do hair plaits down at the back of your neck. A bit of hair spray will keep them in place giving you an elegant coif to compliment your curls.

The Undone Bun

With little effort, women can just gather their hair up, pull it back and pin it right in a high bun. A great summer updo that fits every hair type and face shape – the undone bun. All you need to polish the look is to take some well-placed strands and let them hang down in a messy yet chic kind of way around your face.  The perfect updo after a day at the beach and for a fancy dinner out!

The Ballerina Bun

For girls with long straight hair, a great option to look really cool this summer is to create a ballerina bun. Start with some anti-frizz straightening serum to prep your hair, then gather them all up high at the back of your head and twist into a bun. To really rock this look, spray your bun with some hairspray to keep it flat at the top and eliminate the frizz. A perfectly placed ballerina bun shows of the elegant lines of your neck and your beautiful face.

Ballerina hair bun
Ballerina bun

The Classic Ponytail

One classic fallback that can give both curly-haired and straight-haired women a cool summer yet simple updo is the ponytail. A low ponytail can be elegant with your hair cascading down the side of your shoulders. On the other hand, a higher pulled up ponytail draws focus on a nice pair or earring or a necklace. Some twists to the ponytail include the side-swept bangs and clipping the bangs for a poof on top of the head.

Glam up this summer with endless possibilities on cool summer updos to suit every hairstyle, face shape and occasion. Try out these different ideas and experiment for that perfect summer look!