Gone are the days when your mom could buy you a Superman backpack and be done with it. As an adult, you’ll need to keep a few more things in mind. Here are five tips for finding the right backpack for your lifestyle.



When shopping for a backpack, one of the first things to contemplate is size. How big does it need to be? How large can it get before it becomes too cumbersome to carry comfortably? Will your laptop fit in the main compartment with the same ease as your phone in the front?



Storage is another necessity, so don’t buy anything without enough pockets, pouches and zippers to get you through the day. You won’t want to compromise when it comes to organization; that way lies chaos.



The material of your chosen backpack will affect everything from its weatherproofing to its damage resistivity. Leather backpacks are the strongest, but well-made cordura and rip-stop nylon will also serve.


Straps are what separate backpacks from messenger bags and canvas bags, yet many buyers don’t even consider them before it’s too late. How wide are the straps of your backpack? How do they fit on your shoulders? How do they distribute the weight of your belongings?


Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to choose a backpack that pleases the eye. Just don’t get so wrapped up in choosing something pretty that you forget about function and propriety. A vibrant blue backpack may be nice for college, but how will it look at a job interview when it’s doubling as a laptop carrier?