espritbagTime and again we’re reminded to not judge a book by its cover. That cliche perfectly defines this Esprit purse. At 15×8 inches you’d think it tad too small but I was amazed that it is roomy enough to keep everything I need, not to say it being stylish. For example, a bible, my organizer, a mini umbrella, and Pablo Neruda’s Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (I love this book so I carry it often- I aim to memorize everything in it) can all fit in.

Before going on about this — well, bag or purse I wanted to clear which is which…coz for us women, purses ands bags are interchangeable but for men they aren’t. For certain countries a purse is a small bag that holds coins and bags are the bigger ones. I was just used to calling a smaller bag, a purse. Argghh, anyway let’s use purse for this piece.

The compartment of this purse is best for those things you need to find easily like cardholders, keys, wallet and make-up for touch-ups! It actually has a card compartment that I use for lipstick. 🙂 Made of soft fabric and sturdy lining, I like using this for its lightness. The handle is perfect enough for it as a shoulder bag and I can also make use of it as a handbag.


I like those mini metal danglers that keeps clink-clanking when I walk…hearing them means my bag hasn’t been snatched away. 🙂

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