egg bag lila purple

Last year we came home to attend my brother’s wedding. It was a fun occasion doubled with celebration. Seeing friends of course is another purpose. As the one who came home I’d give tokens (pasalubong) and it would normally be perfume, shoes, bags or dresses…whichever I see fit.  I don’t do much shopping back home because I know that my friends would also give me something to bring back. Sort of a remembrance from them. One that I got is this glossy purple bag. It’s big, about 16  inches in width and I love it for being so! I can fit the macbook in it and since the material is sturdy nylon I know that it’s safe inside (so long as the little boy wouldn’t throw it on the floor).

button detail

My friend said she got this bag from EGG, I remember back then that I used to shop there too. I just didn’t get the chance to visit last time. Here, you’d see a simple design of the bag….just a transparent button at the corner of each side. Being glossy, it’s easy to clean and ballpens slide off without leaving a mark! (Read: safe from the little boy’s doodles.)

This bag is lacking from compartments, there are three small pockets inside but that’s that. Having no other division, I can put in my books and other stuff, arrange them neatly without having to rummage much when looking for something.

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