Men and women who are big and tall can find it difficult to shop for clothes especially since off-the-rack clothes are usually patterned after “standard” sizes in the clothing industry.  Most of these people settle for ill-fitting clothes that are either too tight or too loose in certain body parts.  Needless to say, this does not give a good physical impression on the people they meet.  Worse, this could lead to confidence and self-esteem problems.  What these people might not know about is that a lot of clothing brands actually carry their own line of big and tall clothing.
Browsing through online stores is a good way to start shopping for better fitting clothes.  It would be good to note that the label big and tall is most often used to refer to men’s wear, while those for similarly challenged women are labelled plus size.  When looking for a selection of clothing in this category, you would most likely be presented with apparel for big and tall men.  Some people might be apprehensive about buying clothing online since they cannot check the apparel for the right fit.  Online shops with sizing guides can help you choose the right size based on your own measurements.  Whether you are looking for work shirts, collared tees, dungarees, chinos, shorts, sweat pants, or other accessories to fit your frame, you are sure to find the right size of clothing in these specialized online shops.

tall women shirts

With the sizing problem solved, style and pattern considerations should be next in line.  This is not so much a problem with work wear since the choices are kept in the basic colors – usually primaries for work shirts and dark neutrals for denims and work pants.  In other pieces of big and tall clothing, keep in mind that the cut, color, and style of clothing can enhance the best body features and play down the worst.  A wide girth, for example, could be downplayed by sticking to tops in solid colors and staying away from wide horizontal stripes.