^^Nude with a combination of warm colors.

pippa middleton in nude color dress
Pippa in a nude dress. image via google

Nudes are still on top of the list this summer season – in fashion, that is. Picking up from last summer’s themes, nude dresses for summer as well as complementing shoes, bags, and accessories have made an appearance on the runways and fashion spreads just before the start of the season. No less than Prince William’s wife, Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge Kate, has been seen chic and sophisticated in a nude dress and court pumps ensemble. Hollywood celebrities are also sporting the same look on and off the red carpet – actress Melissa George has been spotted on the streets of Beverly Hills in a sexy nude dress paired with spiky-heeled beige shoes and a tan leather drawstring hand bag.

The nude fashion has a lot to offer to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. There are nudes with hints of pink tones and embellishments that would look dainty on a little girl at a special summer formal. For more playful and trendy teens, nude dresses in soft and sheer materials flaring out in a short layered skirt cinched at the waist with a wide belt are fashionable in school, at the smoothie shop, or at the mall. Women with more classic tastes can opt for tailored sheath nude dresses reminiscent of Jackie O’s style and sophistication.

Getting into the nude fashion need not be expensive. Just as any other runway fashion of any season, there are high street fashion finds that mimic the same style without the steep designer price tags. Check out the runways and the fashion spreads for nude dresses for summer and then scour the shops for similar pieces. There are online fashion stores with a selection of these fashionable pieces that you can mix and match with shoes and accessories from the same site to get your desired runway look for less money. A more practical way to pick out the season’s most fashionable finds is to consider those styles that can last you more than one season.