My online order of some beads and whatnots arrived the other day which was nice. I’ve been meaning to pick up my old hobbies again and now feels like a good time to get cracking. In between homework and blogging I used to make lovely pearl necklaces and earrings for myself and for my daughter. I always found it soothing and great fun so I’m looking forward to doing it again.

I started looking at my Pinterest the other day when I saw all this beautiful jewellery which inspired me to make jewellery again. There were some really cute girl bracelets, pretty rings and colourful necklaces which I’m determined to imitate but of course with my own style mixed in too. 🙂

For starters I got Turkish and silver beads, eye pins (sorry I don’t know what they’re technically called) and I also got some rings with a flat surface so you can glue gems, polymer clay flowers or anything you fancy to them.

I haven’t started with the bracelets and necklaces yet but I did make some rings. It’s really nice that the rings I bought are adjustable. It means it can fit my ring finger as well as my daughters which is nice.

For the bracelets and necklaces, I plan to include some flower polymer clays with the beads too. I forgot where I saw the photos but there was one I really like, it has blue beads like the one in the photo with a yellow flower. They looked super cute. 🙂