The weather has really gone low…the lake and the small bodies of water around the Wasserpark has totally been frozen that I won’t be surprised if they open them to the public for ice skating. It has been 3 years ago when we last went on a  frozen lake – the small ones but this time even the bigger part of the Danube is frozen deep. This brown bench was not there before, it was installed just last spring and it was a lovely view in spring when one sits here. With all the ducks, weeping willows and sakura and a blue sky that gives you a promise of better things, you just might doze off into a lovely dream. This time however, there’s only white and brown, dried stalks to see — still a winter wonderland for me.

Dressing up for this kind of weather requires proper gears to avoid hypothermia and frostbite…I’ve detailed it on my post here and to sum up: dress in layers: undershirts, long johns or leggings, sweaters, socks, salopettes and jackets or snowsuit, gloves or mittens, boots — snow and waterproof, scarf, shawl, neck gaiter or facemask, helmet, bonnet or earmuffs, goggles…don’t miss any!