When was the last time you’ve gone picnicking? When was the last time you slept on a tent? Hmmm….I don’t remember too. lol. So Imriz’ kids slept in a tent last week…let’s hope to hear how it went. Please visit her post and leave some commentluv.

I doubt I could go picnicking or camping with the kids now. It’s November and it’s much colder. The foliage, mother nature is changing clothes and I totally love it. I was too late to do a photoshoot with the kids but if the sun would smile upon us on Saturday, I’d be glad to.

At home, Hubby is changing clothes too! ^_^ He’s been busy taking out old stuff from our cabinet and I was told to the same. He came back from vacation and brought loads of stuff for the kids.


For starters, Kuya got a gray sweeater while Ate got a brown version. Both thermal and ready to use for this season!