Hi everyone! I feel like winter is around our area now and the leaves have really gone yellow to brown. Along with the changing of the seasons is my mood change—I feel so lazy…zZzzZZZ. And that’s my excuse for being late this week. Anyway, our featured post is Tina’s Elephant collection. This is just a few of her adorable elephants. Kindly hop to her page and leave some commentluv by clicking here. Vielen Dank für Ihre Teilnahme, Tina.



Last week, I have a project with the little boy. I could not have done this if hubby is at home (he’s away for three weeks) because he’ll surely go against it. I bought a small cabinet for my stuff (bags mostly). I had it placed by the bathroom door….the wood is Beech – first at home since we always have cabinets in glossy white. I hope he won’t be angry when he comes home tonight…

I had very little difficulty assembling this piece, the doors were particularly not easy since I’m only using screw drivers. Anyway, I will post another photo next week when hubby fixes the doors neatly.