First, let me apologize for the late entry….not just for today but for last week. Teehee!  Second, let me thank Halie for reminding me about belly dancing. I haven’t gone to class for a year and I haven’t done it at home….I seriously need to be back on track…I somehow managed to loose some weight by controlling what I eat and by going up the stairs, but belly dancing is not only for that, it helps improve posture (and the spine) among other benefits. Click here to read more about Belly dancing and kindly leave a comment for Halie.

So the rainy season creeps in around this region. I am not comfortable wearing rainboots so I prefer wearing my regular boots when it rains. Good thing it’s also sturdy and made for the wet season. Also, I’m getting fond buying floral dresses and clothing nowadays…and mostly in brown and pink! I think I’m blooming! lol.