Retail therapy as most of us refers to it, brings a feeling of euphoria and adrenaline rush that easily lifts our spirits when we become too depressed over gaining a bit of weight or any other circumstances. Though the feeling is short-lived, shopping does improve your disposition and makes you feel good about new clothing, make up, accessories and sometimes gadgets. However, retail therapy does require money and if you’re too lax with your shopping, your therapy might actually turn out to be a nightmare!

When is shopping healthy and when does it become unhealthy? Shopping may serve its purpose of making you feel better but you must also put a tab to it when it becomes too much for your finances, your personality and the people you love.

So do you:

Spend a considerable time shopping or do you window shop a lot?

Have a self-check, would you rather go to the mall and buy anything that catches your fancy than spend time with your friends or at the gym? Have you starting to feel like a mystery shopper and feel you need to scour and assess every shop for great finds?

Shop on your own, with a guilty feeling?

Would you rather shop alone so that no one will know the extent of your purchases? Does having friends and company while shopping make you feel that you are not in control?

Pay with your credit card for your purchases?

Have you been using your credit card to pay for purchases because you’ve already depleted your salary card due to too much shopping?

Do you lie about your loot?

Have you been keeping your recent purchases from your friend or family? Do you feel guilty about the amount you’ve spent on your shopping and sometimes claim that the items are “on sale” so you bought it?

shopping too much
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Do you get “high” when you buy things on impulse?

If you’ve answered to most of the scenarios above, you are positively shopping too much. Your retail therapy might no longer be the help you need and it’s already causing havoc on your finances. Have a reality check on your spending and your shopping. Start slow and by accepting that you have spending issues and try to talk to people around you to help you overcome this.

Some personal steps that you can work out to control your urge include:

Avoiding shopping when you are depressed, stressed or in a bad mood. Better engage in sports activities to release the negative vibe.

Buy items that can be returned. This is in case you realize that it really isn’t a good buy after all and you can still get your money back.

Leave your bank cards or your credit cards. Carry with you limited cash so that you have better control with your spending.

If any of these doesn’t work, go lock yourself in a room and read that book you’ve bought almost year ago…