While I enjoy shopping online and browsing about online shops for shoes, dresses and occasionally bags; my kids would love playing online games — even my daughter. I think they got that from their gamer Dad. I spend a few minutes looking through online shops, buy a skirt for my daughter, sometimes a skirt for me and I go about my blogs…either to update or do tasks. Above is a typical page I often visit…while below is  what my kids often have.

If not on facebook, they’d be playing games like the ones on browsergames, which are similar to those on facebook too but are available only in German. Since I’ve set my facebook in English, they’ve learned a great deal of words when playing my games. And since I’ve set my facebook in English, they prefer to play those in German…teehee.

Then I’ve imposed our home rule “playing online only on Saturdays”  and I’ve been adamant with it. I just hope my kids won’t impose that rule on me…What do you do online and what do your kids online? How do you make sure the kids don’t go about clicking “dangerous” stuff when online?