It’s almost unbelievable that I was able to paint my nails. I haven’t done that in years. I was able to have more than two hours of me time yesterday. It started at 4 in the afternoon. I went out to pick up photos that I had left for printing at the photo shop near our place. I forgot my phone so I won’t know what time the bus would come so I walked until the shop. I checked on the photos and one was a bit darker than usual so I had it redone. The attendant said that it will take at least ten minutes so she advised me to come back.

I went out the shop and went to the supermarket just opposite. I bought some bread and a box of diy hair dye in blonde. I haven’t had my hair dyed for months now that it looks like pudding already. (Dark chocolate pudding with milk chocolate!) Influenced by COPS host I decided to color my hair myself.

So I went back to the shop again, paid my due and on the way  home dropped by a clothes shop. I bought a Maxi-dress and some fancy bracelets.

I walked back home. It was around 5PM so I did some  cleaning and cooking. After setting up the table (you know I don’t eat dinner), I locked myself in the bathroom and did religiously what the intructions said. It says there that if one has darker hair, the solution should be left for 35 minutes.  So what do in those 35 minutes? I cleaned the bathroom, got the washer spinnning and applied facial mask at the 15-minutes-to-go mark. I know I exceeded 35 minutes. I did so because even if I chose a blonde color, my hair would be just brown…that’s how dark it is.

As was instructed, I rinsed my hair thoroughly. I applied the recommended conditioner and left it for 3 minutes. In that 3 minutes I scrubbed my foot so well and the toes too because I plan to color my nails later with the purple nail polish I got the other day.

Long story short, I had my nails painted, had my hair colored and got my mask in 2 hours tops! I even cleaned hubby’s toenails too. 🙂 For sure, this me time won’t happen again soon but still I’m thankful, than next day I’d feel all refreshed having new hair color, pinkish skin, clean feet and purple nails.



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