Women are very particular when it comes to good grooming. Frequent visit to salons are not only for a haircut but nail care as well. Countless of nail polish are flooding the racks of beauty supply stores and the challenge is to find one that will deliver a full color, good quality and worth the price tag.

Would you prefer buying affordable polish that chips in a day or two or go for one that could last for a week or so? If you are looking for the best lacquers in town you might want to take a look at the line of OPI Nail Polish. Most nail salons have offered this line but if you are unfamiliar with OPI, here’s a quick background on the brand that transformed the nail care industry can offer:

OPI has successfully worked in collaboration with artists such as Katy Perry and launched a collection inspired by the singer. The colors are unique, vibrant and very much represents Perry’s style. Hence it became a great hit especially for those who admire the singer.

They also have film-inspired collections such as the Alice in Wonderland and Shrek. The shades are related to the films. The Shrek collection carries the green color that is very close to the main character while the Alice in Wonderland collection will certainly bring you whimsical colors. One of the main reasons why OPI made it big in the industry is because they carry at least 200 varieties of colors which mean more choices for customers.
It is also something that you can buy at a reasonable price. If you’ve tried it before at a nail salon, check out the selection of OPI products online and start your own stack of favorite lacquers. Your nails will definitely look fabulous at an instant.

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