Pardon my hands that really needs tons of moisturizer! Kidding, this photo was processed with Instagram (I’m hooked) so the lines are totally visible and darkened because of the filter used.

Back when I was younger my mom would buy me and my sister jewelry in sets. We would use them then, there are those for regular days and there are those used only for special occasions. In the following years I lost interest wearing them, I instead opted to wear fancy jewelry, which I used to have allergies with. When I turned twenty, the allergies disappeared, thank goodness!

Also, I don’t buy jewelry now, expensive ones because I don’t have a regular job. I only earn from blogging and project translations which are of course for other more important things…I can go with the simple pearls I have.

So last time I showed this pink polymer clay flower ring that I “assembled,” today I’m showing you another polymer flower but a bigger one and in yellow. It’s so nice to look at and although people would easily notice I don’t mind, it matches my nails well.

Speaking of nails, I’m so happy that mine are really tough. They’ve grown this long without breaking and I get much compliments for them. hihi. I was often asked what I do with them. Not to boast, strong nails reflect one’s health. I eat my boiled eggs and tuna and drink my milk…it doubles as a protein supply so I can run more and go up the stairs more thereby losing weight. I also drink Vitamin Bs regularly.

There are those nail hardeners that you can readily buy but I haven’t tried them…instead I use garlic. Yes, you read it right…garlic makes my nails stronger. I would pinch a peeled garlic with each of my nails. The smell will be there for some minutes but you can wash them off later on. Try it to remedy brittle nails or just to save money from spending on those other products.