Hi everyone! Today’s featured post is from Jenn of As the Shutter Clicks.  I can’t remember having seen this marketful of Thailand products at the Lung Center when I went there with my son, well, the taxi driver took us there even if I said I’d like to be taken to Capitol Medical Center. Anyway, a relief from the usual balot and fishball vendors from that part of Quezon City perhaps. Do leave some luvcomments!

How did your week go? Ours is a bit funny as the weather is so crazy, we got 25° that suddenly becomes 15° and vice versa. Today we had 11° in the morning and 22° in the afternoon. And I saw the first signs of autumn. Brown and yellow leaves all-over the ground. (I’ve yet to see orange leaves.)

This calls for boots and vests!  I had to rummage our winter cabinet but I think most of them are still in the cellar. I pulled out one for the little boy but the sleeves are a bit short. 🙂

What are you sharing today?