Wacky Family Wedding shot.

I’ve had the privilege to shoot a wedding some time ago that sent me really busy (or so I would like to claim). Pardon the lateness of this meme’s post…The newly weds are my spiritual brothers and sisters…prior to the wedding we also did pre-nuptial shots amidst the weather being crazy. It’s supposedly spring but the drizzle and sudden gray clouds accompanied by rainshowers was really annoying.

Come wedding day (at the civil registry), we were worried that the weather would not cooperate…well, it did rain a bit…before the ceremony which took about 12 minutes at most (yes, straight to the point no left and right turns, just straight). Afterwards we went to the Schönbrunn Palace to do some more shoots. It was sunny and all, the tourists were mesmerized seeing the bride and groom and so there were actually a lot of other photos taken aside from mine. (If you happen to see photos of the couple on another blog, do  let me know.) More photos here, please like our page too (shameless plug). Thanks!

Our final shot (well almost) was this one below, the couple, the videographers and I, well in brown…lol, I need to lose weight. :/

Yes, we did it!