Chocolate Sunday’s Bateel pralines.

As promised, we are featuring one participant from last week’s post. Above are chocolate Bateel poosted by Kero.  Thanks sis! Kindly visit her blog…

Kuya, or son #1 has been wearing his training shoes most of the summer. When the real summer arrived, that is, when the sun finally decided to come out from hiding, we went to look for sandals or shoes that he’d be comfortable with (his training shoes tend to be highcut). We found this pair which were on sale- originally at 39.90€, we got this for 5€! Priced at 70% off and 10% more! Steal!

Kuya is sickly and really active that’s why he looks so thin. He actually eats a lot but it doesn’t show. Any tip aside from giving him vitamins and a lot of food? 😉

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