Make Finding Big and Tall Menswear a Breeze

Contrary to the belief of some people that shopping for men’s clothing is a breeze, it actually is the other way around. Finding the right clothes for men is a challenge in itself because literally, not all men are created equal. Unlike women who can wear short or mini dresses and still look good, men would look utterly awkward if they wore a pair of pants which is a tad too short or too long. 🙁

(Tall or not, you’d sometimes have problem getting clothes for yourself.)

Simply put, it’s not always easy to shop for men’s clothing especially when you have to take the height and built of the body into consideration. However, it can be done and the great thing about is that you can do so no matter what your budget is. The easiest way to go about shopping for big and tall menswear is by visiting actual stores. But always have someone else with you. It always pays to ask for the opinion of others especially when you don’t trust your judgment.

Make sure that your measurements are up-to-date. If the last time you took your measurements was when you were still in school, then forget about it. You may still look the same, but then looks can be deceiving, right? Suffice it to say, always get the right fit and the proper length. Of course, if you are hard-pressed to find the right fit, you can always turn to customized clothing. Check out our large collection of Big and Tall Menswear because it is easier that way than having to go through the trouble of finding a good tailor.

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  1. Stef

    I must agree that it is definitely hard to find something for the men and even for little ones (boys). I heard negative reactions from hubby when I gifted him with a Brown & Pink striped polo shirt..he doesn’t like the Pink part of it but guess what? he wears it until now. LoL!

  2. mommy jes

    aw! my husband is always having a hard time with clothes here sesp the pants since he is only 5’3″ :))

  3. jing

    I really love dressing up and buying for myself but I think it’s difficult to buy gifts for guys!

  4. mymy

    finding clothes (and shoes) for hubby is tiring…he says that he has to really like it before he buys the item. that’s fine, kaso usually the scenario goes like this: ilang ‘blocks’ na naikot namin tapos wala pa rin siyang gusto! lol

  5. Gene

    It’s true. Shopping for men’s clothes is such a pain. I remember one time, I shopped for a shirt for my father but I do not know his size. What I did is ask a male shopper for his size and use that as a basis. I’m pretty sure I freaked him out when I approached him. Hahaha!

  6. Lulu

    oh… it is so hard to shop for men’s clothing! I spend more time shopping for hubby’s clothing than for myself.

  7. zoan

    finding the right clothes for my son, brother and even bf is a very hard task. sometimes the size is not always available or perhaps the color that would fit them so well is not also available. hay buhay. buti pa mag shopping for myself LOL


    that is so true. shopping for my son is doubly hard compared to shopping for my little girl. my solution? i let him shop for his own clothes…=)

  9. supermommyjem

    In my part, I don’t have a hard time in shopping for my husbands clothing. Although he is not stylish just like most men, I was the one who choose the appropriate clothing especially the tops… But, with my brother I find it so hard to shop a clothing for him well I think he is so choosy when it comes to fashion. Possibly it also depends on the person.

  10. rachelle

    Good thing hubby also loves to shop like me. hehe… We’re both small-framed and like me, he’s also having a hard time finding his size here. 🙂

  11. My Shirt Story

    I super agree! when I go shop for my partner, I end up shopping twice the time I do when I shop for myself

  12. Mauie

    I never buy my husband’s clothes. I let him do the shopping himself because he also has a hard time finding one that fits him well.

  13. C5 @ 21 Days To Form A Habit

    Always have the shoulder measurement ready. That is from shoulder joint to shoulder joint measured at the back crossing the spine top end. That will approximately fit.

  14. andrea

    ah.. that’s probably why i always end up buying simple, general tshirts.. but even that can still be pretty hard.. LOLs~ maybe i should stick to coffee mugs and tumblers instead? hehe..

  15. chrisair

    yes guys are sometimes a challenging task to shop too, but when they choose their style its fab

  16. Gelleesh

    I hate shopping for guys esp if its apparel. But I can always get away with a statement tee xP

  17. yuuki

    yup, it’s difficult to shop for men’s clothes…kaya i always go for safe gifts like wallet, tie, socks, etc.

  18. joy

    i do not shop for my husband and kids alone, i always tag them along for them to fit the clothes and see if it goes well with them 🙂

  19. joy

    i did not know if my first comment get in, anyway, i would like to add that color and style should also be taken into consideration when buying men’s clothes too

  20. Sining Factory

    For me, it is not really hard to shop for men’swear. If you will notice, men’s clothes have “limited” designs and style. Minsan nga magkakapareho pa. Always choose plain and safe styles. And the important thing you need to know is their SIZES.

    1. Herbert

      Agree, seems men’s wear have very limited styles 😀

  21. michi

    i agree with SF, it’s not really hard to shop for guys because i have two boys (hubby and son) and i’m not having a hard time as long as i know their sizes and likes.

  22. Morion

    True! Problema q specially pg pants bibilhn, waistline,,, taz pag nkakita q ok waistline panira aman ang fiting sa pababa,huh,, kaya patahi n lng;)

  23. iamsuperjulie

    THis is the reason why I always refuse to shop for my male siblings. Either I got the wrong size or got something not good for their taste. Nice article.

  24. Gil

    It seems that finding a right clothes for men poses a hindrance for every woman. Not for my wife, I boast for it. She knows my size. She gets it always right. I’m very proud of her. Nice blog’s content. I love it! 🙂

  25. Michelle

    I agree! It is indeed hard to shop for men’s clothing. My boyfriend is so fond of shapeless band shirts. I always have to choose his clothes for him to make sure that they fit him right. It’s kinda difficult because as you said, the proportions are unique to each man. My boyfriend, for example, is really tall so his torso is quite long so even though the clothes fit well when it comes to the shoulders and the arms, the hem hangs a bit. haha

  26. arcee

    my husband is tall and i find him more pogi in long pants. i even wish he tried other style, but he’s not confident enough so i leave him by sticking with the classic style

  27. Myrns

    i do the shopping for my hubby,when my boys were small, i also do. but now, my grownup sons shop for themselves sizes and style (????)

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