Hi all! 🙂 The week just passed by like a breeze *sigh.* It’s Thursday once again and it’s time to bring out your Brownies. Today’s featured post is from SublimeWanderer….her entry last week were about Palawan souvenirs, of capiz decors and wood carvings, click here to leave some commentluv.

It pays to tidy up stuff at home. The shoe cabinet in particular…I have in many instances found shoes and sandals that belonged to C, my older son, which I’ve already forgotten. I found these brown Timberland loafers which C used when he was 5-years-old. He used these for a short time as he preferred wearing sports shoes. Now that D, my youngest, is also 5-years-old he is able to wear them on less sporty-engaged days. He said it fits perfectly and comfortably even without socks on…he’s one to not wear socks anyway, just like my Dad.

Sitting pogi at the tram with a foot on the trash bin. lol.

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