Yes, you read it right, me — I am running out of funds lol. I’m mostly posting stuff that I find in my shoe rack, those that haven’t been featured in any of my blogs. I think I’ve been doing it nicely since I do get a number of hits just blogging about shoes. This is why I’m taking this endeavor higher, by monetizing this blog. You’ve heard about how to buy blog links, how to advertise on blogs and do paid posts –  to be compensated. I’ve been doing that for a time now and it does pay good.

All you got to do is register your blogs ( with unique content and one that has good traffic) to paid platforms. One of those would be Linkfromblog. Been with them long enough and I do like how I can accept and deny offers I’ve been sent if I feel that the topic is something not relevant to the theme of my blog. With all that said, I need to buy new sweaters for the boys….


Advertise with my BlogThey’ve grown so much in a year, these blue and red sweaters won’t fit come spring, well, at least the little boy gets hand-me-downs. 😀 It’s June and it is the best time to shop as inventory sale are going in left and right. I haven’t been out into the city yet but tomorrow I surely will….