Wouldn’t you just love to wear the glittery diamond-studded necklace your favorite movie star wore to the red carpet of the last awards ceremonies?  Here’s the real deal:  those diamonds might not be real at all.  Even movie stars today are choosing to use diamond replicas or simulated diamonds in their jewelry.  You can go to diamonius.com to see the different styles of diamond simulant jewelry available.  Meanwhile, take a look at the following benefits that you can take advantage of when you opt for simulated diamonds:

1.       Cheaper – there is no secret about it.  Real diamonds are so expensive and are often not affordable for people who have to work in a nine to five job, or even work multiple jobs, to feed a growing family.   These people deserve a taste of luxury too.  Simulated diamonds are more affordable, costing a mere fraction of the cost of real diamonds.

Diamonius2.       Flawless and realistic – simulated diamonds are the ideal substitute for real diamonds because they look virtually the same.  You cannot tell one from the other unless you use a special gemologist equipment.  They have the same cuts as real diamonds.  You can choose classic round or oval or you can go for the more intricate cuts like princess, marquise, or cushion.  There are earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces to suit whatever personality or lifestyle you have.   Whatever piece of synthetic diamond jewelry you choose will surely make you feel extra special and luxurious.

3.       Friendlier to the Community and Environment – you probably have heard about blood diamonds.  Diamond mining has been the subject of much controversy.   Slave labor, use of minors in mining activities, and diamond sales funding criminal, terrorist, and other hostile activities are just some of the issues associated with diamond mining.  Simulated diamonds do not cause harm to the community or the environment.  These diamond alternatives are manufactured in laboratories.  As a responsible corporate citizen, Diamonius even allocates 2.5% of their revenues to support orphans who are victims of unscrupulous mining activities.

There is nothing wrong with wearing fake diamonds.  They look the same as real diamonds anyway.  And if anyone asks, you can truthfully admit that you are wearing diamond simulants.  They are just as beautiful yet more affordable and environmentally friendly.  It’s how you wear these brilliant pieces of jewelry that makes them absolute standouts.