Five Tips on How to Wear Cowboy Hats This Summer


If you have just recently added one or more cowboy hats to your wardrobe, then there are some important rules to know about wearing them.

  1. Wear the Right Size

Measure the crown of your head, about two finger widths above your eyebrow and just one above your ear. Rather than ordering the hat by hat size, order by your measurement. Your hat should sit just where you took the measurement.

  1. Adjust Your Hair Style

Most women understand the frustration of a bad hair day. If you don’t style your hair with the hat in mind, then you’ll end up with a combination of hat head and bad hair. There are three traditional styles for women with long hair:

  • Loose and Natural. You may want to pin back bangs or shorter hair in the front to keep it out of your face.
  • Pulled Back. Ponytails will need to be worn low in order to fit well with the hat, but are a traditional country hairstyle because of their practicality. Pigtails are a playful choice. These, again, need to worn low.
  • Braided. A thick braid or braided pigtails are two other practical options that look attractive and natural with straw hats.
  1. Plan Your Wardrobe

Of course, jeans and a t-shirt look great with a straw hat, but there are plenty of other options for the summer. Choose a flowing skirt with a white blouse or a set of casual slacks and a neutral shirt. Wearing a cowboy hat does not mean that the rest of your outfit has to be western-themed, especially since there are so many styles of cowboy hats. You always have the choice of going full country or using a more eclectic look.

  1. Remember Hat Etiquette

There are some clear rules for the wearing and handling of your hat. Remember these rules if you want to wear your hat successfully.

  • Don’t wear your hat backwards! Really, some people make this mistake. Take a look at the inside of your hat. There should be a small bow that indicates the back of the hat. If there are any adornments on the outside of the hat, such as feathers or buckles, these belong on the left side of the hat.
  • There are two basic methods of hat handling. One says to hold the brim at the front and at the back. The other school of thought is to use the crown of the hat, never the brim. Either way, remember that rough handling can weaken the structure of the hat, so keep it to a minimum.
  • Finally, never mess with another person’s hat.

However you wear it, your cowboy hat can help you take your fashion to a new level.