It’s like walking down memory lane when I visited May’s entry for last week’s round. Ernie, Sesame Street, Punky Brewster…sounds familiar? If you are an 80’s kid then you know all these. Especially the part where Ernie’s name was tarnished. ^_^

Meet also her cute Sophia who loves Ahr-nie more than Barbie. 🙂 Hope you can visit her entry and leave some commentluv if you haven’t yet.

Notice Sophia wearing checkered shorts there – no coincidence as today’s post is of brown shorts too. Been eyeing this piece for two weeks now, would love to have daughter in a cute winter shorts and boots ensemble. I already bought the leggings; in striped brown and white.  She still has her brown boots so this would be the last missing piece…it costs 15€ so I was hesitant to buy….good thing I didn’t because year-end sales are all around the corner now. I got this for 7€ today.

It pays to be fickle-minded at times. I bought a lot of on-sale items too and shoes on clearance sale…5€ a pair! It pays more to be at the right place at the right time. ^_^