Featured entry #2

Meet our adorable friend Angi along with her shrimp – breaded shrimp I think…please leave some commentluvΒ <— click.


To be honest, I’ve been digging for files that I’d post for today and ended up with this: my little boy, a real “brown” in the sense that this meme has been made – paying homage to the beautiful Pinoy skin. Add to that that the background is my favorite wood – a nut-colored panel! Photo was taken yesterday, he’s holding his favorite pistachio macaron. I had caramel while Kuya had lemon…you can see ours here. With my translation job and blogging sideline I don’t have the liberty to make macaron so we get ours from McCafe, we always end up hungry for more as one costs 0.89cents, for the price of 8 pieces, we can already make 60 pieces at home.

With all the macarons I’ve eaten I probably would gain more and more kilos and I won’t be posting any photo of clothing soon! lol.

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