We live in an average apartment. Five people in a 76sq.mtr, 9th floor apartment with a balcony, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, separate bathroom and WC and then the living room. We use the traditional heater, sleek and installed by the walls. Typical, nothing special and blends with the wall color. 🙁

Had we the means to own a house I’d definitely get one of those trendy furnaces or more appropriately high efficiency furnace installment that would save us money every month. I mean, we do get our yearly check-up regarding our heaters, we pay much too – monthly and at the end of the year.

I would love to have a wood furnace but I bet that  would pose a great treat especially for the naughty kids at home. Then I’d stick with gas – what Trane Home Comfort offers. They go beyond innovation, designing products and components using the most durable materials available.  More than just furnaces, they also manufacture earthwise heat pumps, home energy & air purification- what our sickly son needs. Totally about creating a perfect home environment. I said, if we have the means, for the time being we don’t so I have to stick with the traditional heaters…but pimping the home for healthy reasons is not vanity at all, it’s a necessity.