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It’s one of those cold mornings and your daughter wants to wear a skirt? No problem, the Keepsake Tizzies will keep her warm.

Made of very soft fabric and sweater knit fabric, this pair is so trendy that I would often ask my daughter to use them. They are a upto the mid calf in height. A slip on casual boot with really neat metallic stitch detail and sequin toe cap.

They are lovely and warm and so comfortable, but I wouldn’t recommend them for heavy downpours and snow…very nice worn with shorts and skirt or skinny jeans.


Brown Keepsake Tizzies worn by my daughter.

This pair is called: Keepsake Tizzies Girls Boots
To buy if: going for trendy, sporty look
Don’t buy if: you got lots of snow and rain in your region
Available colors: Black and brown
Price range: 44€ – 65$