I’m one of those gifted with hair that’s so straight and black that I’ve never had to use a hair straightener, ever! Though I use a hairdryer to add some volume. They say that that the hair is one’s crowning glory. Call it vain or simply wanting to look good but not all women are created equal and not all hair were made equal! So for those who have flat hair like me, we’d want them to have a little volume or perhaps some wave or curls but to those with wavy and volume-y hair, they’d want to have straight hair even for a day or two. This is why many sought the best hair straighteners or iron to achieve a look that they long wanted to have.

pink hair straightener

 To get the best out of your hair iron consider the following tips on which and how to buy one and more.

1. For big or thick hair use those with larger plates.

2. Determine what kind of look you want to have and from there choose which iron will best give you results. There are those that can give different finishes which may be useful if you want different looks at any given time.

3. Know your budget and choose which one you could go for, less cost doesn’t really mean less quality.

4. Buy accessories for your iron like heat-proof mat and travel pouch to make it easier for you and help you avoid getting scalded and to make your iron’s life longer.

5. Ask around or look for reviews, users are the best source of experience so don’t discount what they have to say.

6. Use your iron sparingly. Your hair can be as itself on certain days, it’s not always good if you heat it up all the time. Just like in many other things. Moderation is key.