Beauty Tips for the Working Lady


Applying make-up takes a lot of skill, but keeping yourself looking fresh and beautiful all day long is an art in itself. When you’re up to your elbows in paperwork, checking-up on your appearance is the last thing on your mind. Of course, you’re going to want to look your best at your desk, and with these tips, you can stay flawless-looking until home time.

Hands Off!

On those days when work stresses us out, rubbing our face with our hands becomes an unconscious drive. Not only will this smudge your make-up, but it’ll transfer bacteria on to your skin, which is likely to create spots. Both your hair and your skin shouldn’t be touched. Fiddling with your hair can make it limp and dull; at worst, it’ll appear greasy.


You don’t want to be rushing to the bathroom every fifteen minutes to check that you are still beautifully made-up. Conceal a small mirror on your desk. These portable looking glasses are exceptionally cheap and are a quick way to make sure that there’s no lippie on your teeth after lunch.

Taking Care Of Your Skin

In a highly air conditioned building, your skin is going to suffer. If you’re prone to break-outs of oil, get rid of that midday shine with pocket-handy blotting tissues. Just dab away the excess! However, if you find your skin is drying up as the day continues, use a facial spritzer spray to leave you feeling hydrated and fresh.

Tea Tree Oil

When you’ve got a beauty problem, trust in Mother Nature. Tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial product that can be applied to breakouts, if you suddenly find yourself with a huge zit. Just apply a few drops to the raised area and don’t touch it afterwards.

Look Awake

Whether we had trouble sleeping or were partying hard the night before, there’ll always be one day a week where we turn up to work feeling half asleep. By applying a cooling eye gel, you can create the illusion that you’re wide awake and ready for the day. Another top tip is to use a white eyeliner to add light to your lash line and mask tell-tale redness.

Stay Kissable

Keep up the maintenance of your lips by regularly applying a lip balm. Especially important in winter, lips can easily dry out and become chapped, unless you use a protective coating of Chap Stick or Vaseline. You can get a pot of Carmex lip balm from Salons Direct, which gives off a pleasant, tingling sensation when applied. Often Carmex just looks like a fresh layer of lip gloss! Bonus.

Look After Your Hands

If you have a moisturising hand cream on your desk, you’ll never be caught out with dry palms. Keep a nail file in reserve, just in case your nail breaks and becomes jagged. If you’re shaking hands with clients, you should have soft and pristine fingers.

Create Volume

Before blow drying your hair, apply a little volumising spray and tip your head upside down. By drying your hair like this, you can create healthy, thick-looking locks. Remember to keep the heat setting down to avoid too much hair damage.

This is a guest post written and contributed by Brit blogger Zoe. A beauty junkie, Zoe loves to experiment with make-up, especially foundations, BB creams and other base products. Feel free to tweet your thoughts on this post to @bloggingstyle.