Makeup guru Promise Tamang-Phan advises, “Dress like it’s your last day on earth…everyday.” And she follows this mantra almost too strictly, not just dressing up neatly and properly but wearing literally, dresses. The cutest ones at that! Dress to impress doesn’t only mean wearing high-end fashion labels anymore. Admittedly or not, we always have a conscious effort every morning in choosing what we would wear. It’s either to feel good about our selves or to show off (well, quite). And there’s about 101 reasons why you should have a dress in your closet for any occasion and there’s a handful of pieces you should keep close, here’s some.

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1. Maxi dresses. Those ankle-length dresses, whether plain, floral, in paisley or stripes are simply adorable. They spell femininity to anyone wearing it. And yes, they make your legs look longer or give you than taller-look illusion.

2. That little black dress. Easy to accessorize, versatile and appropriate to a lot of occasions, the “LBD” can be traced back to none other than fashion icon, Coco Chanel.

3. Cocktail dresses. Christian Dior concocted the term “cocktail dress” and they have to this day, have the prettiest collection of such dresses both ankle-length and shorter, above-the-knee ones.

4. Sundress. Probably a must-have in summer, sundresses by ellis & dewey and other known brands are made of light fabric intended to keep cool on hotter days. It was socialite Lilly Pulitzer who popularized this type of dress.

5. Jumper or Pinafore. Probably cuter for the younger girls but anyone can pull this off too, a blouse under, ankle boots and you’re as cute as a button.

6. Wrap dress. Made known in 1972 by Diane von Fürstenberg, wrap dresses make a sexy V-cut neckline that I personally prefer among other styles. Originall, a wrap dress has a front closure which wraps around the body but  faux wrap dresses are now the in thing, they resemble the original design, except that they are already fastened together with no opening in front and are  instead slipped on over the head. Easy.

There are a dozen more types (perhaps) of the usual dress, which would be your favorite?

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