aviator jacket jackets
For men, photo via http://izandrew.blogspot.co.at

Fashion recycling. It can’t be denied that what your mom wore when she was your age  is becoming today’s trend. Yes, fashion often looks back to what has been and brings it back with a twist and more modish than decades past. One such example would be the Aviator Jacket which has taken on the names Bomber Jacket, Amelia Earhart Jacket, Flying Jacket or  Biker Jacket  nowadays.

For the men.  Look masculine and flashy even on the coldest winter days. Lightweight, wind and water-resistant , they are the perfect winter jackets for that classic manly look. Leather jackets are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, add a lot of functionality and stylish features and you’ll never go wrong.

Pair with jeans or any other soft pants and you’re good to go. Imagine Tom Cruise in Top Gun. ^_^

For women.

Aviator jackets take inspiration from World War I, originally made for pilots. The  fur lining makes of these designer leather jackets make outfits edgy and tough – it goes well with jeans, skirt, lacy, chiffon dresses. Some designers are bold enough to mix embroidery or anything shimmery and it always works well.

You can be practical, classy or girly by just playing along and doing your mix. Aviator jackets are a must in your closet this winter and would still definitely be in spring.

For women, photo via http://www.fashion-era.com