Owl bag from Loveablecassandra

No matter how much we say no to our kids when they ask us to buy them something, we will, at one point give up….I find this true because it happened a lot to me. lol. My daughter would always request for a book and I’d say no but the next week she’ll ask again and I’d buy her this time. Now what if your sweet daughter ever so cute wouldn’t ask for you to buy her something but check your bag every time you come home to see if you got her something? Well, I guess you would just have to buy her a really nice bag like this. It’s a gift Cassandra (Leah’s daughter) received from her Dad.


When I was younger my mom would buy really expensive earrings and accessories. I love them to bits but I lost the fondness I had of them when I became a mom. I guess my priorities positively changed. So now I just buy earrings that doesn’t cost much yet those that I could wear proudly. By proudly, I mean those that I can carry well. Β A friend once said that she doesn’t like my earrings because when she wears them she looks like “bading” — good thing I don’t! (lol) So here’s one of my latest buys – got them on discount ^_^ – from 6euro to 4! I love those hanging leaves!