I won’t be stating the obvious but would apologize for it. Two weeks in a row, whew, sorry-so late!

Β (Photo by Jona)

I’m an advocate of getting the kids to read books so they would spend less on gadgets. But what if gadgets make books appear cooler to them like the app iBook on the iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Ipad books or other e-book reader out there? Pretty cool and I think kids would really be engaged in reading…Just like the Tale of Peter Rabbit Jona shared last week. They’re not just pop outs now, they’re digital – making noises and they move. Cute!

I, however, lean more on traditional books. ^_^I still carry my BrΓΆnte’s, Austen’s and Garcia-Marqueuz’ around so look:


My ibook shelf is empty…purely a brown shelf. ^_^