They say women today tend to become either a bag addict or shoe fiend. Women easily fall in love with beautiful items and develop that urge to purchase whatever it is that has taken their fancy without a care in the world. Sometimes, this addiction can make you hoard pairs and pairs of shoes and you’d just realized that you have more than enough pairs to compete with the popular Imelda Marcoses’ shoe collection!

It might sound irrational for some, but buying beautiful items even with those ridiculous price tags can bring a sense of euphoria to a shoe or bag addict. A lot of us women can relate to Carrie of Sex In the City and “The Girl in Green Scarf” when it comes to the feeling of shopping for our favorite fashion items. But when it comes to shoes, there is actually more to it than just your footsie pairs. You can find several items that will make walking with any pair less strenuous and more comfortable.


Here are some items you’d find really neat having around:

Strappy Strips

Just the thought of having blisters with your new sandals, thongs and slingbacks can easily make you cringe. Yes they look sexy, strappy and they go with anything else in your closet, but they can also become killers when there is friction and blisters develop while you’re wearing them. Strappy strips are your heaven-sent solution for dealing with those killer straps!

shoe comforts

Shoe Insoles

Want long, sexy looking limbs?  Heels and stilettos could be your very best friend, but it’s also true what they say when you’re wearing three inch tall footsies – “no pain no gain” – and it can be truly painful. Avoid hurting your soles and feel comfy while wearing heels with shoe soft insoles for your feet.  

Gel Spots

Loving your new pair but worried about getting blisters or rubbing your feet sore when you wear them? Call you new BFF, the Gel Spots and they’d give you that invisible cushion for your feet to avoid friction and protect them from rubbing the wrong way.

Toe Gel Cushions

Thong sandals are wonderful companions for walking and exploring. Make walking with them less taxing on the skin between your toe finger and the next by using toe gel cushions. With a gel cushion inserted in your thong strap, you’d prevent friction and your feet from sliding while you’re walking.

Our feet can be considered as the most used and abused part of the body. It carries the weight while we stand and walk thus they deserve all the possible TLC that we can give. Make foot spa and pampering a regular part of your beauty routine because as much as you love having hair and facial treatments, you also would want to be caught dead with less than glamorous feet or worse – a dead toe nail!