I visited one of the participating blogs last week, Heart and Matter, and the entry was this, three boxes, packed tightly with cellophane, all ready to be shipped. I always felt excited seeing such boxes, no matter if I’d be the one receiving or I’d be the one sending. Curious as I could be (there was no text about the photo included in the post), I tried to read the text on the boxes…I surely felt grateful to the one sending these boxes. They are addressed to community church (I’m not sure what denomination they belong to) in Cagayan de Oro City and all the while I was thinking they’ll be sent to someone’s home, more like what I do once in a while . I am assuming these are for the people affected by the tragedy that struck the city. Bless your heart dear cheerful giver, God loves you!

At our end, I don’t have such big boxes to open nor send, perhaps I only have shoe boxes…Those shoes that were used by my older son shortly were packed in the box they were originally in, taken out after a year or so to try if they would fit my youngest.

This brown pair did! Saw this photo in my files, I’m quite sure the little boy took this by himself…

self-shot by little boy