Mobile phones have become a basic necessity and we cannot stay away from them for long. Until a decade ago, these cell phones were used merely for making and receiving calls and test messages. Today, these gadgets are equipped with various features and facilities. You can easily access internet and download any information, with great speed. It allows you to store all your favorite songs, so that you can listen to them while on the move.

These cellular units have high end camera resolution, which is much preferred by people who love clicking photos. Bluetooth, WI-FI, larger screen, voice command, and others are some of the features that have become a must for every handset. The technology is changing everyday and so are the features and specifications of these gadgets.

Importance of Batteries:

The durability and reliability of any sort of handset mainly depends upon their battery life. The longer the battery life, more you can use their features. There are small and compatible handsets, whose battery last longer than a day. The users don’t have to worry about charging them frequently. What is the use of a cellular handset that has good features, but shorter battery life?

You might spend time looking for a charger port, so as to use them continuously. On the other hand, there are some batteries that works perfectly fine for the 1st couple of months, then starts giving you problem. It is recommended to purchase a branded battery, as they will last for a longer time. Moreover the manufacture also offers a warranty, so you can get them replaced.

You can follow few simple and effective steps that will make your handset battery last for a longer time. If you have purchased a new battery, then it is suggested to charge them completely before using them. You can charge them at least for 5-6 hours, before you start using the applications. NEVER keep the unit open, while charging. For effective result, you can turn off the unit and let it charge completely. Such a simple step will increase the life of the handset battery.

If your handset is exposed to excessive heat, then it directly reduces the life span of the battery. Not only will it take longer time for charging, but will drain them fast as well. Instead you can keep them at a cool place. Overcharging of a handset can prematurely damage the battery. After some days, your battery will have a deformed shape, which indicates that it needs to be changed.

Handset Features Can Reduce the Battery Life:

Unless required, never keep your cellular unit on a vibrating mode. You can instead make use of backlight, which consumes less energy. It is recommended to keep them in silent mode, when you don’t want to receive any calls. Many users prefer texting, rather than talking on their handset. Such is the craze that they can text, even when they are fast asleep.

It is always recommended to follow the best practice, which will benefit your handset and the battery. When not in use, you can turn off the unit. It might be difficult initially, but gradually you will get used to with it. Too much usage of WI-FI
and internet will eat up your battery strength. If you are need to surf internet all day long, then you can preferably use laptop or desktop.

You can easily finish off your job and make best use of the available time. If you have no signal on your handset, then don’t try to use your handset, as it will need energy. This will ruin the battery strength, which will definitely be of no help to you. With these simple steps, you can properly take care of your handset and the battery. 

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