I once blogged how I prefer wedges and platforms more than womens flip flops even if they make my muscles more visible. teehee! Even until the emergence of Havaianas sandals – comfortable, chic and totally a summer trend, I still lean to buying wedges.

I’m not one who’d jump into a bandwagon just because it’s in but the positive reviews that customers wrote for being comfy made me buy one. So I did and am really happy too…the softness is perfect like being bare foot walking on soft sand.

I’m not the really girly type but I got me pink this time. 😀 They’re perfect for the beach and I got them just in time for our getaway to the beach last summer. I wore them with my pareo at the beach! Looks good together!

Havaianas have come a long way, with regard to price, quality and style – which are what most of us looks for when buying footwear. In a country where summer comes 3 months in a year, Havaianas are a great buy. You don’t get to wear them like those in the tropics so your flip flops’ life are longer. You don’t buy as much…I mean in the process even if they cost more than local brands. you get your money’s worth. By the way, I read about the sizing from some forums before I bought my pair online. If there’s a Havaianas  shop near you, I think it is better to actually try them as Brazilian sizing differ…