Did you give away all your peplum dresses and skirts last year because you thought the world will end in December 21, 2012? Worry not because it is so out! Here are the latest fashion trend for 2013 .

1. Green is in! According to fashion experts, the color of the year would be emerald green. Any shade of green would also be a hit – mint, moss, lime, or even alien green is good! You can complement your green jeans with red pumps and no one will say it looks awful. Red is the opposite of green. It goes well together.

denim dresses fashion 2013

2. Denim dresses are making a big comeback this year so start digging your mom’s closet. Jailhouse stripes will also be more than just a prisoner’s uniform. Careful with the stripes though, not everyone is supposed to wear it especially when you have a wide torso.

3. It may seem that we are just recycling the fashion statements of the 90’s but hey, it is really looking great. Soft floral dresses matched with denim or biker jackets, plus a really nice fedora hat would totally hit the spot.

4. Ruffles will be more than just a pleat this year. Get blouses with small ruffles to give it a bit of a romantic detail without being overwhelming.

5. Good news for those who are getting married this year because laces will be big. Get some ideas from Monique Lhuillier’s designs because we all love her lace wedding gowns. Lace tops will also go great with structured blazers.

6. Ever wanted to wear fashionable pantsuits? This is your year! Have tailor made suits in green (because it is the color of the year), and lace undershirts and you are good to go.

7. Skirts will never be out of fashion. A-lines and full skirts will be a hit this year. Go for bright colors like salmon, mint, and other bright earth colors. All of these go well with greens.

8. Monochromatic dressing is putting together an outfit in one color or shades of the same color. So if you wear brown, all your accessories and shoes should be of the same shade but you can have accent colors like a blue or orange cardigan. This also makes you look taller. This year, since the color of the year is emerald green, you can play around its shades and put some accents like red or salmon.

9. For shoes, fashion specialists say that mid-heels will be in. Time to put away those five-inch pumps and go for the two or three-inch wedges. Half boots will also look great with your 90’s get up!

10. This year, go for more exotic accessories. Imagine the Amazon women wearing those big necklaces. Or gypsy earrings. And of course, you will never go wrong with big chunks of gold jewelry.

These are only some of the latest fashion trend for 2013 but you don’t necessarily have to follow them. These are just guides because the best fashion statement is your confidence.


This is a guest post written by Clarissa , a contributing writer for many online websites and blogs featuring today’s latest fashion style trends.