There are many different ways to dress, and many different idioms about how. However, what’s ultimately most important is that you dress appropriately for your circumstances. Don’t wear jeans when you’re going for a run, don’t bring your shorts to the board meeting, and so on. While this is all fairly obvious, what many aren’t aware is that you can in fact dress better for certain situations. The first thing to know is what garment to wear, but there’s another dimension of consideration beyond this that gets frequently overlooked.

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Take shorts for example. There are many different variations on shorts: jean shorts, cargo shorts, golf shorts, and so on. However, just picking the right kind of short isn’t sufficient. You need to consider whether or not they’ll suit your purposes. Cargo shorts aren’t necessarily ideal for hiking; they might not be made of rugged material. You’ll want to look for shorts billed for hiking that have some palpable toughness to them. The same goes for workout shorts. They might be suitable for a leisurely trip to the gym, but will they see you through a marathon? There’s a difference between the materials used in baseline shorts or PeterMillar performance mens shorts, and that difference is borne out with action.

Dressing for the situation is important, but dressing for action is critical. If you’re planning on really getting the most out of your clothing, make sure you’re wearing the right grade of material. It can make the difference in your comfort and performance.