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Thursday Brownies #2

Oppps! Goodness, I got everything back here! πŸ™‚ The past two days were really a headache lol. Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who joined last week!

For today let me show you again my ugly feet…this pair are flat skechers ballerinas that caused me sprain three weeks ago. Until now my right foot still hurts when I put my weight on it (which is much, I tell you).

Β —-

To join Brownies:

1. Simply post a photo of a brown (or anything with a hint of it)Β thing (not limited to food, apparel, accesories, scenery) every Thursday.

2. Link back to Vanity 101 via the badge below or a simple link.

3. Make sure that you link up your entry url and not your homepage. url.

4. Commenting on other entries isΒ encouraged.


This meme aims to pay homage to the natural skin of the Filipinos, brown, the color that our Maker rightfully baked.

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  1. mommy, after linking our entry, i can’t find it anywhere. It says i am the second one to join bt i can’t find the first entry anywhere, either. kindly check your linky daw mommy.. want to visit other entries as well.thanks!

  2. hi sis, did invite myself to join here, hehe. hope its ok:)
    those cutesy pumps sure do looks comfy and sexy on your toes, as well.

    PS. the badge not working on me, too. i just copy/pasted the image.

  3. aaw..I hope all is well na with you..wawa naman ang iyong pretty feet!

    I’m back with my entry,Mommy G!Pasencya na,di nakabalik kahapon~na-busy na naman si lowla mo.

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