Show someone special you care with a promise ring. Many teenagers want to show their commitment to a relationship, but they are not ready to get married. Promise rings remind your partner that you are dedicated to them without purposing marriage.

There are many great promise ring designs. One of the most popular symbols right now is the infinity symbol, which can be used in a number of ways. While the infinity symbol usually has two oval loops, some designers replace the loops with hearts. Diamonds or other precious stones can be added to the design to make it more unique.

promise ring
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Other promise ring designs look a lot like wedding rings. While these rings are typically not as expensive as wedding bands, they often look like them. One or three centered stones on a thin band is a very elegant and sophisticated design. This style opens up a realm of possibilities as well. Different shaped stones and colors help draw attention to the ring.

The theme of the ring can be simple and modern or have a vintage flair. Either way, a great design is sure to impress your partner. Take their breath away with a ring that symbolizes just how committed you are to them.