Long, trendy bridesmaid dresses


Long bridesmaid dresses are a hot trend for weddings this season. There are several creative details that are helping to boost the popularity of these dresses. Here are some of the style details that make these dresses so desirable.


Floor length bridesmaids dresses can have lace embroidery on the bodice. This adds interest to the traditional design and allows a bridesmaid to look elegant without stealing attention from the bride. For instance, flower designs may be incorporated into the embroidery as well as tiny leaf shapes and vines. This type of embroidery makes a bridesmaid’s dress stand out from the crowd of conventional bridesmaid dresses.

Layers of Fabric

Another stylish detail that makes this year’s floor length bridesmaid dresses so appealing is the fabric. Many of these dresses have drapes of fabric that cascade to the floor. A bridesmaid dress can even include a train that trails softly behind its wearer. These layers of fabric on a bridesmaid dress serve to flatter the figure of any woman.

A Variety of Colors

Finally, today’s floor length bridesmaid dresses are available in many attractive colors. A bride can choose a muted color such as beige or gray for her bridesmaids or perhaps she wants to make a bold statement with red. She has so many options she can choose a long dress with its own style details and unique color for each of her bridesmaids! This year’s wedding season is full of creative options for bridesmaids.