At Christmas, you will be visiting all sorts of friends, family, and celebrating with co-workers. You’ll want to look your best, but this will unfortunately coincide with weeks of indulgence. To feel at your most beautiful this Christmas, you’ll need to get smart about your choice of clothes. You’d be amazed by how the right dress can slim inches off your waist. Dress thinner for Christmas and feel fabulous all the way until New Year.

Simplicity is Everything

Embellishments can draw attention to all your problem areas. Instead, stay simple with block colours and well-tailored lines. Black is famously slimming, but you don’t have to look as if you’re constantly in mourning to feel amazingly svelte. Although the little black dress is never wrong, you can experiment with brighter colours, as long as the outfit doesn’t involve huge ruffles or patterns.


 By accessorising your outfit, not only are you showing your mad style skills, but you are distracting people’s eyes away from your figure to your wrists and neckline. Instead of staring at your wobbly bits, they will be admiring your gorgeous bracelet.Continue Reading…